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Collection of useful .NET classes and extensions
License: Ms-PL Older Versions
Current Stable: 4.x.x

See NuGet Gallery

Current Beta: N/A
Project Status:
Minimum System Requirements:
  • .NET 4.0 Project or higher
Additional Links:
csutils is a collection of useful classes and extensions that I’ve developed over the years for different projects. It’s meant to be a lightweight, heavily tested libary of commonly used stuff. Development of csutils is irregular, but always active.

The amount of Platform- or Framework-specific code in csutils is very minimal, thus compiling the source code against Mono is possible with very few changes.

The binary is hosted on NuGet and can easilly be installed by using the Packet-Manager Console:

Some Features

  • The HSV color model
  • A serializable dictionary, as well as a two key dictionary
  • asynchronous Download-Manager
  • Stream-Class featuring Bandwith Limitation
  • Tons of Extension Methods for various uses (like Value Conversion)
  • A whole Globalisation System


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