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Free, dark WPF Theme
License: Ms-PL Older Versions
Current Stable: 1.4
1.0 (Beta)
Current Beta: N/A
Project Status:
Minimum System Requirements:
  • WPF-Project
  • MahApps Metro (for Monotone.MahApps.xaml)
  • Xceed Extended WPF Toolkit (for Monotone.ExtendedWPFToolkit.xaml)
  • ColorBox (for Monotone.ColorBox.xaml)
Additional Links:
Monotone was developed as a Theme for Horus and became a standalone project, but is still linked to the development of Horus. There might be a future version of Monotone if development of Horus continues or another project of mine uses Monotone. Until this date version 1.4 is declared as the final version. But feel free to fork the project on Codeplex an customize the theme to your needs.


  • Just a few, but heavily re-used colors: This makes the theme easy to restyle to another mood
  • Modularity: The theme is a set of XAML-files that separates the colors, brushes and controls from each other. Inside of the XAML files the styles are blocked into groups that belongs to the same control
  • Friendly license: Monotone is published under the Microsoft public license. Therefore it can be used in commercial products too
  • Consistent style: All supported controls look good with each other
  • No feedback delay: Monotone does not use fading animations. A user should be able to work fast with a UI and donĀ“t have to watch how a menu slides down or a button starts to glow
  • The best of two worlds: A completely flat style (like the Modern UI introduced in Windows 8) represents a bad usability because the user have problems to distinct between controls and the background. A glossy design wastes computing resources and can overstrain the eyes of a user. Monotone combine both philosophies, but avoid their problems



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