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The best slogan is no slogan

Horus Key Features



Extended Lite-C Syntax Highliting


The code highlighting is very advanced compared to other IDEs and editors. The highlighting of engine-specific functions and variables differs to user defined content


Fully customizable workspace


Like other professional IDEs consists the workspace of panels and documents and can be customized by the developer. The system is based on AvalonDock and supports all of the features, like Aero Snap.


Multi-Purpose Go To


An innovative feature which sets Horus apart from other solutions. Just press Ctrl+G and type something in. Horus tries to estimate where do you want to go. This can be a line of the current document, the definition of a var / function / struct or a codefile in the project




When copying text in Horus the last 10 scraps remain in the memory and can still be pasted, not with Ctrl+V, but with Ctrl+Shift+V


Code-Snippets and Templates


Create snippets of often used code (for example a function prototype) and fill it in if needed by selecting it via autocomplete. This mechanism is very similar to Visual Studio Code Snippets.




Start a multiline comment with region xxx, add a second one it with endregion and Horus will fold anything between. You can use this for better organizing your code. This is similar to the C# #region directive. But it is based on comment blocks, to remain the correctness of code.


File Loss Protection


Horus takes care about your work. The open files are continuously backuped. If your computer crashes Horus will notice this and ask you in a gently way if you want to restore the lost information. Horus itself should not crash, Released versions run on a very well tested codebase. This is one reason why the development of Horus is not very fast, it´s build against reliability


No saving needed

Closing Horus will not annoy you by popping up millions of do-you-want-to-save-your-changes-dialogboxes. It will just close Horus without asking you. But all of the unsaved work isn´t lost. It is saved temporarily and gets reloaded if the editor starts again. It is, as you never closed Horus

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