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About HorusIDE


Version 1

Codename “cyanPhoelogo_bluenix”

This branch was the first finished branch of Horus.
The main focus of this branch was the basic IDE-Architecture and early support for some Web-Languages like HTML and CSS. A stable Version 1.0.0, 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 has been finished successfully.

Main Features of this branch:

  • Basic Editor-Features (Configuration-Management, File-Management, etc)
  • UI-Design (Menus, Toolbars, arrangeable Panels, etc)
  • Syntax-Highlighting for Web-Languages
  • Integrated Color Chooser

With ending of 1.x the editor was a first useful alternative to some common Web-Editors and prepared for the next big step of its development: Version 2.


Version 2

logo_redCodename “firebrickGriffin”

This branch is the first public release of Horus.
The main focus of this branch is the GameStudio-Support. The aim is to provide a useful IDE and an alternative to the scripting editor SED.

Main Features of this branch:

  • Syntax-Highlighting of GameStudio-Related files and formats
  • Build-Task for Acknex-Games (Run and Publish)
  • Code Completion
  • Documenting-System (see Description and Information of functions, etc)
  • Refactoring Tools for Lite-C

There are 4 minor releases: 2.0.0 – 2.3.0
With ending of 2.x the editor is a handy and stable IDE for Lite-C.


Version 3

logo_greenCodename “lawngreenParrot”

This is the upcoming branch of Horus. It is currently under development.
The main focus of this branch is the project support. The aim is to provide a better project-management.

Main features of this branch:

  • Project-Files and their management
  • seemless integration of a Bugtracker
  • Versioning-Support

With ending of 3.x the editor should be a full-featured IDE for Lite-C.


Version 4

logo_blueCodename “aquaDuck”

This branch will extend version 3 by useful tools and generators.

First versions are not expected before 2015.


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