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Setup HorusIDE for 3D GameStudio


Install the required Software

At first, install

  • .NET 4.0
  • 3D Gamestudio A7/A8
  • Horus IDE

The programs directory doesn´t matter, you can install 3DGS and Horus wherever you want.

Configure for Gamestudio

Start Horus and open the Configuration-Window (Extras > Options).
Next, specify the 3DGS-Installation-Folder. It has to be the GStudio7/GStudio8-Folder. Select your Gamestudio-Edition.
You can also set your project-folder.

The “Rearrange Engine Window”-Feature rearranges both Engine Windows if you click on Multiplayer-Run (Shift+F5), so that they fit perfectly on your screen. If you don´t like this, just switch it off. Before Horus moves the Engine-Window it waits the specified delay (this is needed because the startup-screen of the engine cannot be moved. on slower loading projects you will have to increase this value).

Restart Horus

Now restart the editor. After you´ve started it again you´ll see that the Acknex-Menu and -Toolbar has been added. Now you can use Horus for Gamestudio-Development.

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