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The best slogan is no slogan



The following table contains added and planned  features of the IDE:

3.1Feature[0%] Custom commands - Execute custom logic using shortcuts to be announced
Feature[0%] Multiple Layouts - Save as many UI layouts you like and switch between them easily
Feature[0%] Git Integration - use Git seamlessly in Horus
Improvement[0%] Customizable Theme colors - specify the Theme colors manually to create your personal look and feel
Improvement[0%] Project Explorer - view codefiles in include hierarchy
3.0FeatureProject-Management - Create multiple projects like Eclipse or Visual Studio


FeatureProject-Explorer - A file explorer for projects
FeatureSystem-Theme - A theme which adapts to the system color scheme
FeatureProject Page: All important information about the project on one view
FeatureCode Metrics: Count SLOC (and more) for projects
FeatureAutomatic Acknex-Configuration: Horus tries to detect an installed GameStudio and configure itself for usage
FeaturePackage Manager: Add content to projects from the internet or your local drive
Improvement Restructure Configuration-Menu
2.3FeatureFile Explorer: browse through the file system directly in the IDE. It is tree-based and provides the explorer context menu, auto-refresh of entires and custom root nodes (i.e. your project path)


FeatureIntelligent Drag & Drop: Drag and drop files into the code-editor and Horus will insert the file of type x into code of type y with correct syntax. It is based on the snippet engine and can be customized by the user
FeatureIntelligent Tool-Tips: Preview code and image-files on mouseover
FeatureBuild-Counter: Function, that updates a certain Lite-C-Constant (Define) in the code at every publish/run action for automatic versioning of the project
ImprovementBuild against A8.45
2.2FeatureAcknex Manual Integration: The Helpfile of the A7/A8-Engine is now embedded into a panel and on move on an engine-function or variable the corresponding page is opened


FeaturePre/Post-Build/Run Commands: Custom scripts that can be executed when a run or a publish-process starts or ends
FeatureVisualisation of Variable-Positions: Icons on the left side show positions of variables and functions in Code
FeatureCode-Snippets for structs: New default snippets added
ImprovementParser Performance
BugfixMinor Bugfixes
2.1FeatureCode Snippets: Code can be stored as a snippet and added in the document by using autocomplete or the snippet selector


FeatureMulti-Purpose Go To: By pressing Ctrl+G the user can go to code lines, variables or open files - depending on the input
FeatureLine and Word Highlight: Highlight of the current word and line
FeatureAero Snap-Support: Panels and Windows can snap to screen-corners
FeatureHistory of copies: The last 10 (or more) copied texts in the clipboard is remembered and can be searched and inserted by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V
FeatureUpdater: Horus checks automatically for Updates
FeatureSelf-closing Brackets: On entering opening brackets the closing bracket can be inserted as well (in the editor configuration)
FeatureParameter selection: Tab can be used to switch between parameters of a function
ImprovementCode Completion Performance
ImprovementUser Interface and Themes
BugfixEditor-Freeze while entering comments


Help to Improve

Do you miss a cool feature or do you have found a bug? Please let me know and leave a comment (or send an email).

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Install the required Software

At first, install

  • .NET 4.0
  • 3D Gamestudio A7/A8
  • Horus IDE

The programs directory doesn´t matter, you can install 3DGS and Horus wherever you want.

Configure for Gamestudio

Start Horus and open the Configuration-Window (Extras > Options).
Next, specify the 3DGS-Installation-Folder. It has to be the GStudio7/GStudio8-Folder. Select your Gamestudio-Edition.
You can also set your project-folder.

The “Rearrange Engine Window”-Feature rearranges both Engine Windows if you click on Multiplayer-Run (Shift+F5), so that they fit perfectly on your screen. If you don´t like this, just switch it off. Before Horus moves the Engine-Window it waits the specified delay (this is needed because the startup-screen of the engine cannot be moved. on slower loading projects you will have to increase this value).

Restart Horus

Now restart the editor. After you´ve started it again you´ll see that the Acknex-Menu and -Toolbar has been added. Now you can use Horus for Gamestudio-Development.

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